What is a ceramic coating? 

A ceramic coating should be viewed as adding another "semi permanent" clear coat to your paint work which is sacrificial. These glass like coatings form a permanent bond. System X is an ultra hydrophobic product, which provides a slick and easy to clean barrier against the elements by repelling water and preventing the adherence of contaminants. Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your motorcycle looking fantastic.

When compared to a traditional wax, System X utilises coatings which provides up to a 5 year warranty, or lifetime warranty on a brand new motorcycle.

With manufacturers applying clear coat thinner than ever, NOW is a great time to protect and extend your paintwork, thus retaining a higher resale value, not to mention extreme added gloss & protection! 

Still not convinced by the 9H hardness to protect your pride and joy? System X is Boeing approved. 
Can System X be applied to mufflers and pipes?

Yes, the product is safe to apply to mufflers and chrome pipes and withstands temperatures over 1000 degrees.

What areas on my motorcycle can be coated?

We coat all paintwork, handle bars, lights, chrome, rims, pipes, mufflers, gear shifter lever, rear brake lever for complete protection. We spray all the hard to reach areas with an air compressor and fine spray nozzle.

How long does it take to apply and do I need to keep it dry after application?

The coating is applied in the specified time period of the detailing package you choose. The motorcycle must be kept dry for at least 72 hours as the coating continues to become harder over the next 3 days.

How long does it take to ceramic coat my motorcycle?

Most bikes that have undergone our Full Detail package would qualify for a coating. The actual ceramic coating process takes 2-2.5 hours.

Do I need to polish or apply wax over the ceramic coating?

The ceramic coating does not need polishing nor a wax applying. This can form a layer over the coating and prohibit the coating from performing its hydrophobic properties!

Is any special care required? 

No special care is required, other than a change of method/habit to protect the ceramic coating. Maintenance washes will ensure the coating is able to perform to the best of it's abilities!

Will black spots appear that are hard to remove?

System X will not produce black spots or anything unusual for that matter whilst washing the motorcycle.

Where is System X manufactured?

System X is manufactured in Connecticut, in the U.S.