Terms and conditions
1) Access to a tap, power and shade is required at all times during the service being performed. If this is not possible please let us know prior to making a booking. We reserve the right to cancel bookings and charge a cancellation fee should these not be available once on-site. 
2) Bike engine and components must be cold upon arrival, as products cannot be used on warm/hot engine & components..
3) Bell's Bike Detailing reserves the right to refuse to perform work if we deem that the site is unsuitable or unsafe. 

4) Bell's Bike Detailing may hold you liable for any unnecessary delays out of the our control once at the location of job. Any unnecessary delay will be be charged per hour. 

5) Payment is due at commencement or on completion of job. Proof of payment will be required if bank transferring etc on completion of job, before key is released back to Customer.

6) Any concerns with quality of work must be discussed at time of job. Bell's Bike Detailing are not responsible once the Customer has taken possession of the bike following payment.

7) You acknowledge and allow Bell's Bike Detailing to take photographs & videos of the bike. 

8) You agree in advance to allow Bell's Bike Detailing to use the photographs & videos in any manner which we see fit, which may or could appear on social media, on our website, on advertisements, online etc.

9) Bell's Bike Detailing will not open up saddle bags, panniers, top boxes to clean the inside of them or remove them.

10) Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, at our discretion may incur a $60 cancellation fee.

11) *Chain clean if your bike is not able to be placed on either our lift or paddock stand which uses arms for the swing arms, the service will not be performed, regardless of service chosen* due to extra time required to perform this service.

12) Our Full Details include chrome/metal polishing up to 2 hours. If your bike needs extra attention beyond this, chrome/metal polishing will be charged hourly accordingly.

13) Travel over 30 minutes from MacGregor or across the Gateway/Tolls will incur a $25 surcharge for up to 45 minutes travel.
All bookings made are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Prices on Bell's Bike Detailing website are only indicative for bikes in fair condition. Larger bikes such as Goldwings, Ultra Classics/Glides etc, trikes will incur an extra charge upon quotation. Bikes that require substantial time spending on, to bring to satisfactory standard, will be charged on an hourly basis. This will always be discussed with the customer prior to commencement of any job.

All prices include GST.